Hey, remember the 80’s when pretty much everyone recorded memories with those awkwardly large shoulder hurting camcorders? Sometimes those memories would be recorded over with a football game or favorite Saturday morning cartoon…opps! Or you had to press rewind and wait a lifetime for the movie to get to the beginning. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I was an actual employee of Blockbuster back in the day and one of my jobs was to sit and rewind all the tapes that people weren’t kind and didn’t rewind. How rude!

VHS tapes ruled the 80’s. They were affordable and easy to use, leading to families accumulating piles of these tapes. Then along came DVDs which were the future and far superior to VHS. Rumors were that VHS tapes were soon to be obsolete but we promised ourselves we would still watch those tapes again. So how’s that going for you? If you’re ready to do good on that promise to yourself contact FreeLantz Photo to schedule a time to drop off your items to be digitized.

The same goes for those rad cassette tapes that many of us jammed out listening to on our sweet Walkman’s. Some of us were lucky enough to receive mixtapes from a special somebody. Or waiting near the radio-ready to record our favorite song to listen over and over. Those cassette tapes were prone to breakage and then along came CDs with far superior audio technology and they can last a whole lot longer. Chances are you probably do not have a cassette player to listen to those memories anymore, that’s where FreeLantz Photo can help.

Let FreeLantz Photo reunite you with your memories and it will feel so good.

Your memories are priceless but VHS and cassette tapes are not timeless and that is where FreeLantz Photo can help you. FreeLantz Photo is dedicated to preserving the past and wants to help preserve yours for many years to come.

Where to begin?

Take a look here at the pricing guide

Fill out the order form to bring with you when you’re ready to drop off.  This will ensure that both parties know exactly what items you dropped off and to make sure you return with all of your original items. You will receive a copy of this at the time of drop off signed by both parties. For added peace of mind, small personalized labels can be added to your items at drop off to ensure you get back all your originals as well.

Things to consider beforehand:

FreeLantz Photo can convert these items:

  • VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes and audio cassettes

Local pickup only (located in the east valley, PHX AZ area)

VHS, VHS-C Tapes:

  • Quality is at least equal to original formats condition
  • Everything is uploaded in real-time so it does take a while
  • Empty spaces are trimmed away in an editing program
  • Some VHS tapes are too badly damaged and cause a blue screen on and off but the audio is still heard. You will be contacted if that is the case
  • Allow up to 2 weeks depending how much media you need converting
  • All media is digitized into MP4 or MOV format and will be delivered via a link from Google Drive for you to download to your own computer
  • If you would like to have your files loaded to a USB you are welcome to bring one to me
  • With DVDs and CDs becoming obsolete I’ve decided to discontinue offering that option. I also don’t have a CD/DVD-rom on my computer anymore. I have tried to buy a few external drives and they have always broken