Larson Family | Queen Creek Arizona Photographer

So glad to get to take this cute family’s pics before the oldest boy leaves on his LDS mission to Mexico for 2 years. I guess the last time they did family pics was when the youngest boy was a baby. I also have known the mom and her family for a long long time. Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-1330Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-1170Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-1157Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-1081Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-1025Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-0994Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-0925Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-0906Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-0882Larsens-family pics-The Pecans-0843

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