Rae family is headed out! | Arizona Family Photographer

This sweet family that I love dearly got a great job opportunity far far away from me & I am so sad. I have been able to watch their kids for the last few years. They have been like my own children. I am sad to see them go but so excited for them to be right near their grandparents & cousins & make lots of new, fun memories. As their last photoshoot from me they wanted it done in true AZ fashion, I may or may have not got some cactus butt…ok yes I did, worth it!

Don’t ever forget your Aunt Mel kids! haha

Rae sept 2017-9703Rae sept 2017-9690Rae sept 2017-9668Rae sept 2017-9592Rae sept 2017-9573Rae sept 2017-9554Rae sept 2017-9538Rae sept 2017-9509Rae sept 2017-9497untitled with skies-Rae sept 2017-9755 with skies

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