Lantz Family | Queen Creek Family Photographer

Sometimes…wait all the time haha I’m the family’s photographer so what I do is get everyone in place and have my camera on a tripod & quickly hop into the shot.

Lantz-QC wash2015-9819Lantz-QC wash2015-9821Lantz-QC wash2015-9868Lantz-QC wash2015-9911Lantz-QC wash2015-9935Lantz-QC wash2015-9953Lantz-QC wash2015-9965Lantz-QC wash2015-9807Lantz-QC wash2015-9800Lantz-QC wash2015-9780Lantz-QC wash2015-9700Lantz-QC wash2015-9670Lantz-QC wash2015-9656Lantz-QC wash2015-9616Lantz-QC wash2015-9565Lantz-QC wash2015-9533Lantz-QC wash2015-9521Lantz-QC wash2015-9509Lantz-QC wash2015-9473Lantz-QC wash2015-9727Lantz-QC wash2015-9707

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