Peyson | 8 is Great!

These baptism photoshoots are just so much fun! Kids this age are so precious in their cute new clothes. This one is extra special to me because Peyson is my beautiful niece. We are just so proud of her! Also I make customized baptism subway art seen below.

Baptism subway art-PEYSONBaptism-Peyson-6899Baptism-Peyson-6898Baptism-Peyson-6887Baptism-Peyson-6871Baptism-Peyson-6862Baptism-Peyson-6843Baptism-Peyson-6827Baptism-Peyson-6820Baptism-Peyson-6812Baptism-Peyson-6809Baptism-Peyson-6792Baptism-Peyson-6785Baptism-Peyson-6770

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