How many people can be in a family photo session?

The session is for immediate family members only (i.e. dad, mom, kids, pets).  Any additional family members wanting to be photographed will be given a discounted group package, contact for details.

What happens after our session?

I will get to work on your pictures. Please rest assure that I will only show you the BEST of the BEST and any images that are unappealing for example: eyes closed, unflattering facial expressions and most definitely any images that do not meet my high professional standards will get deleted immediately. NO Raw photos will be given out. I will lightly hand edit your photos and will upload all your gorgeous high resolution photos to an online gallery where you will be sent the link.  You will then have the opportunity to choose the amount of photos your photo shoot package comes with and will also have the option to purchase more if you so desire.  The final photos you choose will receive further fine tuned editing if needed (skin smoothing, blemishes removed, stray hairs) and watermarks will be removed.  You will also receive printing rights so that you can print your photos wherever your heart desires.

Where to print my pictures?

Not all photo labs are created equally. I do recommend Mpix is a professional photography lab so your images are sure to print beautifully. Pricing is comparable to low ends labs but the result is a much higher quality product.

To see print comparsion VISIT HERE